pignic hotel

The first farm-style hotel exclusively for micro pigs in Japan

A special hotel for micro pigs, which are difficult to leave at ordinary pet hotels, has been established in the pignic farm.
Instead of staying in a private room all the time during the stay, the pigs are sometimes allowed to spend some time in the farm while the staff watches over them. If you are worried about your piggy, our staff will send you pictures and videos of your piggy.
If it is difficult for you to come to the pignic farm, you can use our pick-up and drop-off service (paid service).


Features of pignic hotel

Generous check-out time

Features of pignic hotel

Air conditioning in the hotel

Features of pignic hotel

Thorough preventive measures against epidemics

Features of pignic hotel

Maintenance for your piggy

Features of pignic hotel

Outdoor playing service in the lawn area

Features of pignic hotel

Pick up and drop off service (paid service)

Reception Hours
You can check in and check out at your leisure during the reception hours.
(A flat rate is charged even if you drop off your pig at 10:00 and pick it up at 15:00 the next day)
Pick-up service hours are also from 10:00 to 15:00.
A fee of 1,000 yen per hour will be charged for after reception hours.


Hotel Charge

Micro Pig (up to 30kg)
6600 yen/one night and two days
[Long term discount] 5% discount for stays of 1 week or more.
[Busy season charge] 20% extra charge for year-end and New Year vacations, Obon holidays, Golden Week, summer vacations, and spring vacations.
*The price shown is tax included.
*Please consult us if your pig weighs over 30kg.

Pick-up Charge (optional)

Service Area : Tokyo metropolitan areas(excluding isolated islands), Saitama Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture

9,000 yen / one way
Weekends, holidays and peak season
11,000 yen / one way
*All prices include tax.


  • Please note that we may not be able to accept extra nights or changes during busy periods such as New Year’s Day, Bon Festival and Golden Week.
  • Please note that we cannot accept reservations with vague dates.
  • We can only accept piggies that have been vaccinated against classical swine fever.
  • Check-in and check-out times must be strictly followed.
  • A cancellation fee will be charged from one week prior to your stay.
    7 days to 3 days prior to your stay : 50% of the hotel charge
    2 days to 1 day prior to your stay : 80% of the hotel charge
    On the day of check-in : Full amount of the hotel charge