Piggy Wedding & Formal Dresses

It is the season of the June bride. In Europe, there is an old saying that “brides who get married in June will be happy.

Piggy Wedding

When you enter the “pignic cafe Yoyogi Park”, which opened on June 11, you will see wedding dresses and tuxedos on display!

They may look like “ornaments,” but they are actually dresses that Piggy can wear!

The “design on piggy’s back” is the “design on the front” of the tuxedo and dress. On the belly side, the neck is elasticized for easy dressing, and the belly can be fastened with Velcro.

The staff of the Fashion Division finished this work out of a desire to create a one-of-a-kind dress.

We hope one day Piggy will be invited to a wedding and carry a ring pillow….

Colored Dresses

This is a Colored Dresses that can be worn for a change of color or a special occasion.

Of course, Piggy can wear this dress, too. It would be fun to take piggy riding in a baby carriage at your wedding or party!

The pink and blue dresses with gorgeous embroidery and lace are sure to enhance your piggy’s cuteness.

Dress Accessories

Bouquets and corsages will also enhance the fashionable look. Just attach them to your harness, leash, or baby carriage for an extra touch of cuteness!

Our Piggies try on dresses

We asked Leila, Melanie, and Carolyn, three of Pignic’s proud beauties, to be our models. Carolyn is a girl put on a tuxedo, but she looks so cool! We also asked Ethan to model in a tuxedo.

For fashion consultation, visit “pignic fashion”

Walking with a piggy attracts a lot of attention, so we hear that pig owners are often asked by passersby, “Please let me take pig’s picture! ”. Please consult us not only about harnesses, leashes, and everyday clothes, but also if you need a special outfit for a special occasion!

Just a bow and a tulle skirt would be adorable!

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